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Are Permits Required When Getting a Dumpster on my Property?

When placing a dumpster on public property, the city you live in may put a project on hold until you have the right application completed and filed.

If you roll-off dumpster, or container, is completely on your own property, then the project will not require a permit. When your dumpster is placed on a sidewalk, street or other. public. property, you will need a right of way permit. If you need a dumpster due to a home addition or major renovation project you may already have permits for the home improvement which may cover the dumpster.

How do I Obtain a Permit?

Where you live greatly affects whether you’ll be responsible for finding a permit. In some cities, waste disposal/trash service companies are responsible for getting the permit. In other cities, it’s your responsibility. If you are responsible, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Find out if your city requires a permit – A quick Google search of your city name, along with the terms “right-of-way” or “street occupancy”. This should bring you the results you need.
  2. Contact your homeowners association or public works department – If you’re required to get a permit contact the public works department or homeowners association for your neighborhood. Get the project completed in a timely manner by speaking with the right people.

Your Next Step

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